e-Commerce Strategy

We work closely together with our clients to develop their e-commerce strategy. This strategy connects the expectations of your online visitors and clients to the goals of your company. For now and years that will follow. With our ‘no-nonsense’ mentality we are aiming to avoid paper wars, instead we will work together to provide practical solutions.

e-Commerce strategy first

A lot of webshops are developed in a hurry. It is not efficient to find out when you receive the keys to your newly built house that a parking garage underneath might have been handy. The same goes for your webshop. Priority is to come up with a concrete plan. We will help you to develop the most fitting strategy. We will also provide guidance when you decide to set your goals, in terms of revenue and profit. This is how we will connect to your business case; we call this commitment a true partnership.

e-Commerce is more than just a webshop

To ensure your company’s online success, e-Commerce should be an integrated part of your company’s strategy. Before we develop your webshop, we will help you to answer the following questions:

    • How to gain success internationally?
    • How does my webshop support my physical shop, and vice versa?
    • What is the customer journey my client goes through and what role does my webshop play in this?
    • Do I need to develop a mobile webshop?
    • How do I translate my key brand values to my webshop?
    • How important is offline marketing?

Pragmatic and goal oriented

We help you make the right choices and translate these into a strategic e-Commerce plan. You cannot take care of everything at once. Therefore we will also provide you with a roadmap that outlines your path to future growth. Pragmatic, goal oriented and no-nonsense. Exactly what you can expect of an internationally oriented company.

Curious what your best strategy would be? With over 20 years of e-Commerce experience we would love to help you out. Please contact us for a meeting with no strings attached.

Direct e-Commerce advice?
Direct e-Commerce advice?