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About Buddha to Buddha

Since its establishment in 1977 Buddha to Buddha is known for its iconic silver bracelets. Buddha to Buddha's timeless handmade designs from Bali have gained worldwide popularity in a relatively short amount of time. The silver collection offers a diversity of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. In addition to the over 500 retail outlets selling Buddha to Buddha jewelry worldwide, the online webshop offers its customers a unique Buddha to Buddha brand experience. Take a look at the Buddha to Buddha webshop.


Buddha to Buddha was facing the challenge to find a webshop that could visualize its inspiring story and offer its customers the genuine brand experience. In order to conceptualize and translate the brand’s story into an efficient webshop, ISM eCompany specifically focused on the perception of the brand. ISM developed a webshop with the aim to offer customers a better understanding of Buddha to Buddha’s core values: handmade, unique Balinese designs and passion for life and music.


BBuddha to Buddha’s webshop was developed on the Magento Community platform with a completely new responsive design. The webshop’s focus on branding, experience and - most importantly - the company’s story gives visitors a better understanding of the brand and its products. GuiltyPeople, the design department of ISM, worked on the design and feel of the website and created a unique online experience. GuiltyPeople was nominated for an Awwward (award for design, creativity and quality online) for


Due to the attention that was devoted to providing a quality brand experience, Buddha to Buddha’s webshop has exceeded the expectations that were voiced beforehand. is is a full-screen liquid webshop, meaning that it is shown in full screen for all screen resolutions. Furthermore, the webshop’s design was optimized for SEO and conversion. ISM eCompany delivered a high quality webshop focused on consumer experience that is perfectly in line with Buddha to Buddha’s international ambitions.

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