Integrated e-Commerce solution for FACE

Complex tasks were able to remain transparent, due to the seamless integration with Dynamics NAV.

About FACE

FACE supplies services and tools to deliver any form of audio, video and light. With their large range of products, FACE makes sure that every performance looks and sounds fantastic.

Challenge: Optimizing the online order process

In 2012, FACE decided they wanted to start selling online and fully benefit from entering the e-Commerce world. It required an easy to use, yet advanced webshop that could optimize the order process. In order to enhance this process, business information regarding customer specific prices and quantity discounts would have to be easily shown to customers. Since FACE does not have an internal IT department, FACE needed an e-Commerce software that was easy to understand and did not require any programming knowledge. Lastly, FACE wanted to be able to generate more revenue, by using the same amount of work force. 

Solution: Integrated e-Commerce using Sana Commerce

Using Sana Commerce as their e-Commerce software allows FACE to have full control over their webshop. Thanks to the seamless integration between Sana's webshop and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, valuable information such as customer specific prices do not have to be re-entered in Sana Commerce. On the contrary, the full integration makes sure that Sana pulls this information directly from NAV. The easy to use back-end and front-end editor from Sana Commerce require little effort to understand, allowing FACE to immediately start doing what they want doing business.

Results: An easily managed online sales channel

FACE now provides its customers a clear online overview of all products and availability. With a steady amount of online orders by this time, FACE already benefits form having implemented Sana Commerce. In total, online sales now represent 5% of FACE's total revenue. The integration with Dynamics NAV makes sure that complex tasks can remain transparent, due to the fact that business information about prices, customers and discounts are all being managed from NAV. While not having the usual required human resources to implement a functoning webshop, Sana's user-friendly design allows FACE to easily manage their online sales channel.

Key results: 

  • Online sales now represent 5% of total revenue 
  • 67% more page views 

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