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About International Bike Group

International Bike Group (Fietsenwinkel.nl and Hansstruijkfietsen.nl) has been working closely together with ISM on growing their online sales channel since the end of 2012.


"We were looking for an e -Commerce agency that could easily and quickly migrate our webshop to Magento Enterprise and could guide the redesign. We also wanted a partner that could advise and support us in the field of online marketing. ISM offers the knowledge and expertise to take care of our online business. We are very pleased with our choice of ISM eCompany!"

– Edouard Rekko, Commercial Director Hans Struijk Cycling / Fietsenwinkel.nl


To meet IBG’s ambitious growth targets by making optimal use of ISM eCompany’s specialists in the departments of Strategy, Design, Online Marketing, Development and Hosting. For IBG, ISM eCompany delivers a complete eCommerce package. 


Weekly traffic and conversion analyses provide suggestions for improvement that are quickly implemented by a team of dedicated developers. ISM eCompany offers expert advice, flexibility and short lead times to achieve IBG’s goals. In a monthly meeting a steering committee decides with which (cross-channel) campaigns, markets and other initiatives the growth targets will be achieved.


ISM is very proud to work with International Bike Group - an organization with a high level of eCommerce knowledge, which continuously aims to exceed the set expectations and goals.

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