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Supporting sales agents on the road with Sana Mobile

About Remark Group

The Remark Groep is a sales-oriented manufacturer and exclusive distributor of pharmacy-related brands in the Netherlands and abroad. Products are distributed in more than 5,000 stores.

Challenge: A single system to do business at customers

Remark Group was looking for a way to support their sales agents on the road. There was a strong request to easily display their catalog when visiting customers. Moreover, Remark group wanted to give their sales agents the possibility to order right away, since direct ordering could substantially enhance the order process. The new system also was required to give a view on inventory levels, preferably real-time. Whenever a sales agent would enter an order, the inventory had to be automatically adjusted the new stock level. It was important that these requirements could be handled by one single system in stead of different connected programs. In this way, Remark would be able to leverage their investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Solution: Direct ordering in Dynamics AX using an app

The perfect solution for Remark Group was in this case to deploy Sana Mobile, because of its profound experience in integrating with Dynamics. This mobile and tablet application is 100% integrated with Remark's ERP, making sure all information is directly pulled out from Dynamics AX. A sales agent can easily log in and represent a customer to show their customer specific prices, order history and other relevant information. Due to the 100% integration, stock levels are displayed real-time. Moreover, an order that is made through the app is directly converted into Microsoft Dynamics. 

Results: A successful portable online sales channel

With Sana Mobile, Remark Group is able to show their catalog at the location where the business is: their customers. Being intuitive and easy, sales agents on the road are able to efficiently do their business. GPS input is used to determine the customer the sales agent is at. Furthermore, orders no longer have to be processed manually in Dynamics AX, but are automatically treated with a single touch. Customers can confirm their order by drawing a signature on the tablet. The signature will then be shown on the order details page, simple as that. While not having the usual required human resources to implement a functioning webshop, Sana's user friendly design allows Remark to easily manage their online sales channel. Sana Mobile is successfully supporting Remark's sales force on the road.

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