Van Strien

Any number of orders for Van Strien: substantial improved scalability of order intake process

About Van Strien

Confectionery van Strien is specialized in making the most delicious butter cookies, salted snacks, marzipan biscuits and (cream) puffs. With an assortment of 107 different cakes and puffs, van Strien's products can be found all over the Netherlands, particularly in specialized stores. Their products are bundled in hundreds of different packages focused on both wholesalers and consumers.

Challenge: Saving time and money on fulfillment for retailers

Van Strien distributes a broad assortment of different cakes and puffs to specialized shops throughout the Netherlands and needed a system that could provide its retailers with the ability to browse through the catalog and order online. ''With the future in mind, we want to efficiently restructure our order fulfillment.'' said Jacques van Strien, Owner and Director at Van Strien. In combination with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, van Strien uses SI Foodware as its ERP system.

Solution: Real-time interface: all data on catalog, pricing and inventory

Partnering with Sana Commerce proved the ideal solution, as Van Strien used Microsoft Dynamics NAV that could be seamlessly integrated with the Sana Commerce B2B sales portal. Furthermore, the dealer portal is simple and easy-to-use. Thanks to the partnership with Schouw Informatisering the webportal solution could be seamlessly connected to SI Foodware the high quality food processing and distribution industry specific add-on developed by Schouw.

Results: Efficient and successful order intake

With Sana's real-time interface, all data on catalog, pricing, inventory and orders is always up-to-date and customer specific pricing and discounts can be applied. With just a few clicks it is simple to track current and historical order information for Van Strien's retailers. Plus, they can filter open sales orders, shipments, invoices and sales history online, to retrieve exactly the information they need.

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